House Etchingham Park Road

Building: Semi-detached house
Description: This project aimed to adapt a period house in Finchley to suit the life style of its occupants. It involved the demolition of the rear extension that included a narrow and very dark kitchen, the creation of a new rear extension with walk-on glazed lightwell to the basement, a new bedroom on the first floor and the conversion of the loft by the addition of a dormer.
The new open plan kitchen includes a dining area and is connected to the rear garden by two full height corner doors installed at the rear. These flood the kitchen with light and allow visual connection to the rear garden directly from the front door.
The brickwork of the internal face of the side wall was left exposed to match the existing facades, as a way of emphasising the connection to the exterior.
The new bedrooms on the first floor and loft have large format windows that bring light into the rooms while overlooking the garden.