House in Judges Walk

Building: Detached house
Description: The brief for this detached house in Claygate included a single storey storey addition above the existing attached garage and the conversion of the 2nd floor loft into a master suite with dormer.
The existing garage was refurbished and another floor was added above to serve as a cinema room. A new hipped roof was constructed at a higher level to provide adequate room height within the vaulted loft space.
A nantucket dormer, featuring two gable dormers linked by a mono-pitch dormer was constructed to the rear of the 2nd floor roof pitch to allow the conversion of the loft space into a master bedroom with an ensuite and a large walk-in wardrobe and study.
Other improvements included two new staircases, and the refurbishment of the utility room and two bathrooms.
The whole project was designed in a way that keeps a minimum impact on the character of the street and neighbouring properties while being able to respond to the client’s needs.