Two new Houses in Walthamstow

Building: End of terrace house & Terraced house
Description: Following 10 Planning Applications and 2 Appeals, the works were granted to demolish an end of terrace house and side outbuilding for the formation of two new family dwelling houses.
The proposal sought to follow the rhythm and pattern of the other adjacent houses along the street, by replicating the design, style and materials of the rest of the terrace.
Due to the steep road that the development is situated on, the new dwelling house and it’s roofline, was lowered in relation to the main house to create a stepped appearance from the front elevation to keep with the existing stepped terrace.
The two houses are very similar in their internal layout, at ground floor, an internal hall connects to a front Sitting Room and leads into an open space where the kitchen and living/dining room are located.
The ground floor was extended into the garden with a single storey extension element, permitting the addition of a large skylight to bring natural light into this area; a set of bi-folding doors and a tall window frame the views into the garden.
Two bedrooms and a bathroom are located on the first floor of each house. The host house also includes a 2nd floor in the loft with a 3rd Bedroom and an Ensuite, with a rear facing dormer overlooking the garden.