We offer a full range of architectural services from inception and planning through to contract administration and completion and have the expertise and experience to complete any size project from £50,000 up to £12m, with our current PI cover extending to £2 million.Our in-depth knowledge of planning law and Building Regulations enables a smooth process during these stages. Over time we have built up a network of other experienced consultants and contractors and we are able to suggest and then supervise them through the different stages of a project, building a great project team.

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Our architectural services include:

RIBA Stage 0

RIBA Stage 1&2

RIBA Stage 3

RIBA Stage 4

RIBA Stage 5

RIBA Stage 6



Our fees

We offer a variety of different levels of service, based on the Royal Institute of British Architect’s Outline Plan of Work stages. Our fee proposals are based around the current Standard Form of Agreement for the Appointment of an Architect (SFA) for the Architectural work undertaken for all stages of work.

Our architectural services are either offered on a percentage fee scale based on the final construction cost of a project, or on an agreed time charge rate, depending on the type of project. Although on smaller projects we can provide fixed fees for the initial stages, with a percentage fee when overseeing the works on site. (Other consultants’ fees & statutory fees as required are additional to above, and are payable by the client)

Our fee structure has been designed to allow you to choose which level of services that you wish to employ us for, which can be re-evaluated as the project enters each stage of work, all to suit your budget and your project.